David Cacciatore | Lead Guitar, Back Up Vocals

Anna Lies | Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar

Ryan Kenter | Drums,  Percussion

Tom Losito | Bass,  Back Up Vocals


David’s family owned an Italian restaurant that Ryan’s family frequented. Ryan met Tom in their high school marching band. Anna and Tom grew up in the same class, although their biggest interaction was when Tom accidentally texted Anna a picture of his guitar collection in 6th grade. David and Anna met at the high school talent show, where Anna performed for the very first time.

Flash forward to 2014,  and the soon to be Vaughns each found themselves in the Ryan’s garage for an impromptu jam session. Two months later the band booked their first gig, and have been booking ever since.

Over the last three years, The Vaughns have built their sound and fanbase by tirelessly gigging around the basement and bar scenes of New Jersey. They have established themselves as a must see New Jersey act, due to their unique style of rock and roll and high energy live shows.

The Vaughns are currently recording new music that is set to be released throughout 2017  and booking shows for fall.