‘BYKTWD’ Video Fun Facts

Today is Thursday April 26th, 2018, National Take Your Child to Work Day, and we have just dropped the music video for our new single “Bring Your Kids to Work Day” (aka BYKTWD).

To celebrate it’s release here are a few fun facts about it’s inception:

  • The song was written the day Anna graduated college. As the story goes, after the graduation ceremonies Anna got drunk off Sangria with her mom, got dropped off at band practice, Tom showed everyone new riffs he was working on, the Vaughns jammed and arranged the song, then Anna went home, took a nap, woke up, and penned the lyrics.
  • Tom’s dad, Tony, is the voice you hear speaking with Anna in the song’s opening dialogue.
  • The first verse of the song name drops two of Anna’s closest friends and their post graduate plans. In case you are wondering, Em now lives in Virginia, but Rach did make it to Brooklyn!
  • Before settling on the chosen office space, the band explored many options, and  even received a tour of Springfield’s Town Hall.
  • The band bought most props for the video from Party City.
  • Throughout the shoot the children on set were occupied by Ryan’s drum set and the Party City props.
  • The footage wasn’t used but at one point, Jonzi and Jozcel (The Bunks, check out their band) were skateboarding in the office.
  • Cleaning up the confetti was not too bad thanks to Tony’s vacuum, and Jonzi+ Jozcel’s help.

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