Welcome to The Vaughns

Helloooo and welcome to internet home base of The Vaughns. We are a self-proclaimed retro-indie rock band from New Jersey, USA, Earth, Milky Way.

Collectively, we are David Cacciatore, Anna Lies, Ryan Kenter and Tom Losito. David plays guitar, Anna sings, Ryan drums, Tom holds it all together on bass. We all grew up in the same small town of Springfield, NJ however the band didn’t come together till we were in college.

We’ve spent the last four years cramming into Anna’s 2003 Honda Minivan to play shows in the basements and bars of the East Coast.  After countless hours in a van together we’ve come to be best friends and well; family. Sure, we may be a rock band, but we’re a wholesome bunch.  We believe our values can be best summed up by our favorite TV shows: The Twilight Zone, Parks & Recreation, The Office, This Is Us, Chef’s Table, and Black Mirror.

We’ll be using this site to journal tour dates, feelings, and announcements. Many stories and posts to come. For now please enjoy these rare photos and fun facts. Welcome to The Vaughns Family!

22008240_10101358109564589_3987228509037481523_n.jpgDavid: Enjoys cookies for breakfast, juicy guitar riffs, german shepherds, and is currently trying to grow his hair long.
IMG_0986.jpgAnna: Enjoys documentaries, losing her keys, college basketball, and is constantly failing at being vegetarian.
14368626_10202281316591901_4622816300559782618_n.jpgRyan: Enjoys vintage drums, striped sweaters, doing math in his head, and going to metal shows.
22046911_10101358109240239_2232666011153867705_n.jpgTom: Enjoys sociology, late night TV, learning new instruments, and does a killer Cookie Monster impression.



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