“WHY THEY MATTER: Usually, this section begins with some proclamation of recent success, or outstanding work ethic. This time, it’s a bit simpler — this band just makes good music. That’s why they matter.” -Bobby Olivier, The Star Ledger

“When I first listened to it I had to stop what I was doing and just pay attention. The voice, the musicianship and the power here pretty much blew me away. This band just formed in 2014? Could have fooled me. The new record is a polished, mature piece of excellent indie rock.” -Ed Magdziak, You Don’t Know Jersey

“Dichotomous pop sensibilities juxapositioned with sweeping suites, all with that fluttery grunge makes The Vaughns one of the most exciting and in-demand of Jersey’s many great unsigned bands.” -Bob Makin,

“Lies bends and stretches her voice in a way that gives The Vaughns something truly their own and sets the band apart in a crowded genre.” -Jim Appia,

“The Vaughns continue to rip, giving off some great energy to a very loyal following. This group has a really good time when they perform and it carries over to the crowd so well.” -Phil Sheppard, Speak Into My Good Eye

“You’ll definitely want to give these kids a listen” -Tim Louie, The Aquarian